September 14, 2023

Economic Performance and Financial Security

What We Measure

The Economic Confidence Index summarizes Americans’ view of the economy based on their rating of current economic conditions and outlook for its performance. Gallup has measured economic confidence routinely since 1996 and has tracked other U.S. economic concerns for 20+ years, including the job market, stock ownership and retirement income. Globally, Gallup and the World Bank have tracked financial inclusion since 2011.

Why Economic Performance and Financial Security Matter

Gallup's diverse economic ratings metrics provide a robust evaluation of Americans' mindset about the economy and their personal finances that can have implications for consumer spending, the labor market and political behavior.

U.S. Economic Measures

U.S. Economic Confidence Index

Measured periodically from 1996 to 2000 and at least monthly thereafter, the index captures the nation’s economic mood on a scale from -100 to +100, where the midpoint of zero represents an equal balance of negative and positive views. The index is composed of two dimensions -- current conditions and economic outlook -- with each also having a potential range of -100 to +100.


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