Get your non-profit the specialized financial planning and advice you need to thrive.

Not  all businesses are created equal. This is particularly true for non-profits  like yours, who have to handle their finances a little differently to survive  and thrive. For a start, your business is held to higher accountability  standards than for-profit businesses. Integrity and honesty are key.  Non-profits also need to pay close attention to budgeting, program costs,  funding sources, cash flow, operating reserves, and critical infrastructure  expenses.

We're aware of all the ins and outs of running a successful non-profit and  we're eager to help your to succeed. As a non-profit you're supplying a  much-needed service to the community and the country, and we're here to make  sure you have the advice you need grow and flourish. Get in touch today and  schedule a meeting. We're here for you.

Investment Policy Statement Development

We create guardrails for your portfolio to keep your investments in check

Asset Allocation

Talk to us about balancing the risk and reward for a successful outcome.

Manager Search and Selection

Get the portfolio manager that can reduce negative alpha and minimize risk.

Reporting and Performance Measurement

You can trust us to collect, analyze, and report back on the investments in your portfolio.

Analysis of Existing Investments and Investment Process

How are your investments doing? Our advisors will analyze them.

Investment Research

Knowledge isn't just power, it's money. We'll do the research you require.

Asset and Liability Modeling

Manage your business and financial objectives through a portfolio assessment.

Participant Plan Services

We provide holistic wealth planning for each participant in your employer-sponsored plan.

Committee and Trustee Education

Get the board up to speed on the latest financial advice and insights.

Existing Retirement Plan Analysis

Let's talk about your company-sponsored plans (e.g. 401k), and how they can be improved.
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