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Pro Tips for Nonprofits: Choosing the right financial adviser

Nonprofits are passionate about their missions, yet sometimes this passion can affect decision-making beyond the traditional scope of their work. Nonprofits work hard for donations, and deciding how to manage these donations in-house can surely add undue stress. This is where a financial advisor comes in. 

Pro Tips for Nonprofits: Partner up to stand out

Nonprofits consistently operate with limited resources needed to effectively market, outreach, and raise awareness for their cause. In a recent study by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, 18% of nonprofits saw “small staff, transitions in staff” as one of their biggest challenges while 11% of nonprofits deemed “donor cultivation, acquisition, retention, [and] communications” as one of their biggest challenges.

New Year’s ‘Financial’ Resolution

Amid all the negative news 2020 brought us, there are many valuable lessons to be taken away from all the turmoil it has caused. In a year that was wrecked by a global pandemic, locked us in our homes away from friends and family, forced significant stress from the wild market gyrations, and threatened our jobs with the economic uncertainty;

Traditional or Roth 401(k) Contributions: Which One is Right for Me?

Not all 401(k) plans or other employer qualified employer retirement plans allow for participants to make Roth contributions to them, but it seems that this option is becoming more widely available.

A peek at investing in a Trump or Biden economy

As November 3rd is fast approaching, we seem to be fielding more and more questions about how the presidential election will impact personal investments.

Starting a 401(k) for my Business: Why and How

A 401(k) plan can be an excellent tool to invest in your employees. The benefits of a 401(k) are not one-sided and can benefit both the employer and employee.

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