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Why Invest in International?

Since 2007 international stocks have lagged the returns of U.S. stocks. So, are global stocks worth investing in if they have not generated superior returns to U.S. stocks in recent years? After all, by investing in international U.S. stocks, wouldn't I get enough exposure to global economies? To answer these questions, we must discuss the potential gains from diversification. 

The Costs of Eating Out

In 2019, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I primarily stayed at home to avoid sickness. As a result, I was consuming less food because I just ate what was already in the refrigerator rather than going out to lunch. That year, my doctor said that I was one of her few patients who lost weight during the pandemic. Fast forward to 2022, when I resumed work and started going out for lunch again. Two weeks after returning to the office, my doctor told me that I had gained 8 pounds--in two weeks! Not only did weight gain reoccur, but I was spending $400 on lunch a month! And every time I went to my favorite diner, I would see signs that read, “If you really liked us, you would eat more.” Obviously, I complied! 

Inflation Dominates Americans' Economic Concerns in March

STORY HIGHLIGHTS 17% name inflation as nation's most important problem; 4% cite gas prices Mentions of the coronavirus as top problem are lowest of the pandemic Six in 10 worry a great deal about inflation, leading most other issues

Tennessee is one of three states being hit hardest by elevated gas prices. Why and what can you do to save money on gas?

I usually drive my car in sports mode but have switched to comfort mode to save gas. I don’t know about you, but the expense to fill up my car with premium gasoline has skyrocketed. Yesterday at my neighborhood Shell Station I paid approximately $100 to fill up. It made me wonder what other people around the country were paying, and I came across a study published by SmartAsset. The article is titled “Where High Gas Prices Will Most Affect Residents – 2022 Study.”

The Potential Tax Benefits of Donating Stock

With your taxes on the horizon, you may be wondering what you can do to help make things easier. As it turns out, donating stock to a qualified charity provides some tax benefits!

But what if it really is the start of a bear market?

No bull market runs forever. While they can be scary, bear markets can be expected to occur periodically throughout every investor’s lifetime.

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