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Duncan Williams: "Not Taking The Easy Way Out"

My guest today is Duncan Williams. I wanted to have Duncan on this podcast because What started as a small regional municipal bond firm in 1969 grew to be one of the largest female-owned bond broker-dealers in the United States. In addition to this work, this family has a strong presence as a holding company in farmland, apartments, and senior living facilities in the southeastern part of the United States.

Market returns tend to be muted until late in midterm years


We believe personalized planning and employee retirement education matter.

Market declines are part of investing

Despite the fact that stocks have moved steadily higher over long periods of time, history tells us that bear markets (an extended 20% or more decline) and other difficult patches aren't permanent. The good news is that corrections (a 10% or more drop), bear markets (extended periods of 20% or more declines), and other difficult patches haven't lasted forever.

Shrinkflation: The Silent Economic Threat That's Affecting Your Everyday Life

Shrinkflation: The Silent Economic Threat That's Affecting Your Everyday Life When the price of anything rises, that means the value of that item has decreased. Shrinking prices are just that: the price of something is decreasing. These two phenomena can be difficult to tell apart, but they are very much connected. Shrinking prices are the result of inflation. The price of something is rising so it makes sense that you would pay more for it over time. So, how can you tell that you’re seeing the effects of shrinking prices instead of just seeing a natural rise in prices? Here are some of the most common signs.

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