August 2, 2023

Invested In You Invested In Them

A solid education is the foundation for a great career. We help you plan ahead.

We  know how important college is for your kids and/or grandkids. We also know  just how expensive it's become to pay for a college education, and so making  a sound savings and investment plan to cover these fees is essential. It's  never too early to start planning for college, and there are several avenues  open to you aside from financial aid (which can leave students with decades  of crippling debt).

The most traditional way of building up a college fund is through savings  accounts (CDs, money market funds), tax-free municipal bonds, U.S. Treasury  securities, or mutual funds. There are also 529 tuition plans, and tax  advantaged methods, and if this is all starting to sound overwhelming...we  get it. So, get in touch and talk to us about understanding the savings and  investment strategies available to you. We're here to help.

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