November 8, 2023

Markets Now 11/08

Analysis: What orange juice futures tell us about the state of our world

The quickly changing prices of wheat, oil and even orange juice and cocoa futures contracts are telling a story about the real-life impact of extreme weather and how geopolitical turmoil affects some of the staples of our society.  
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S&P 500 notches eighth straight win as US markets close mixed

US stocks ended the day mixed on Wednesday with investors focused predominantly on a flurry of corporate earnings reports in a week with a sparse schedule of economic data releases.  
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Outcome of Trump’s fraud trial could have ‘seismic’ impact on his business

The New York civil fraud trial of former President Donald Trump carries extremely high stakes for the self-proclaimed business mogul.  
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Americans say the economy stinks. But they’re spending like it’s great

There’s a conundrum that economists and political strategists have been chewing on for more than a year: The economy is good, but Americans say it’s lousy.  
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Cruise recalls all of its self driving cars to fix their programming

Cruise, General Motors’ self-driving vehicle subsidiary, has recalled all 950 of its autonomous vehicles for a software update. Late last month, Cruise paused all its public testing operations while it investigated the incident that led to the recall.  
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Beijing is ready to improve ties with US, says Chinese vice-president

Beijing is ready to improve ties with Washington, a senior Chinese official said Wednesday, days before a highly anticipated potential meeting between leaders Xi Jinping and Joe Biden in San Francisco.  
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Source: CNN Business

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