November 10, 2023

Markets Now 11/10

Ransomware attack on China’s biggest bank may have hit US Treasury market

A US unit of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) was hit by a ransomware attack this week that disrupted some of its systems, reportedly hitting liquidity in US Treasuries which may have contributed to a brief market sell-off on Thursday.  
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Analysis: Investors see opportunities in these beaten-down areas of the stock market

Cash is king right now, but investors aren’t casting stocks away completely.  
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Do you tip at a restaurant like Chipotle? Here’s what a survey found

How much should you tip? It’s one of life’s great mysteries.  
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Beyond suites: Where does business class innovate next?

While the mini-suite has dominated business class cabin innovation in recent years, air travelers may be in for a “less is more” pendulum swing with new privacy options and more emphasis on customizable meals, entertainment and other amenities.  
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Here’s why saving this Illinois auto plant is a ‘gigantic deal’

General Motors, Stellantis and Ford have closed dozens of US plants since the beginning of this century. Only a handful were ever brought back to life. That’s why President Joe Biden attend a UAW rally in Belvidere, Illinois, Thursday, along with with UAW President Shawn Fain. Belvidere is ground zero for the union’s successful fight to stop plant closings.  
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Latest Las Vegas labor deal ends threat of huge hotel strike

By Chris Isidore, CNN  
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Source: CNN Business

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