November 20, 2023

Markets Now 11/20

Microsoft stock hits all-time high after hiring former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

Microsoft stock reached a record high on Monday after the company said that Sam Altman, former chief executive of OpenAI, will join the company to head its artificial intelligence innovation leg.  
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Why you're seeing more $50 bills

The United States government printed a record number of 50-dollar bills last year. And it has nothing to do with inflation.  
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Video: Why Land O'Lakes CEO Beth Ford felt she needed to change jobs

Land O’Lakes CEO Beth Ford shares the biggest risk she’s taken in her career as well as the advice from her mom that has stuck with her since she was a child.  
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Honda’s new scooter is also the box it comes in

There are lots of electric scooters available today in a huge range of styles and prices. But none of them look like the new Honda Motocompacto.  
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Founder and CEO of GM’s self-driving car unit resigns in wake of safety problems

Kyle Vogt, the head of General Motors’ self-driving car unit Cruise, resigned from the company late Sunday. His departure came the day after he apologized to the unit’s employees for problems that led to action from state and federal regulators in the wake of a series of accidents.  
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Over 500 employees sign scathing letter to OpenAI over Altman's firing. Here's what it says

Hundreds of OpenAI staffers are calling for the resignation of the ChatGPT company’s board, and threatening to quit themselves. CNN’s Anna Stewart has the latest.  
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Source: CNN Business

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