December 13, 2023

Markets Now 12/13

Analysis: Wall Street is more concerned with the Fed than war overseas

Titans of finance have been warning for months that looming geopolitical dangers are the biggest threat by and large to the US economy.  
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Dow reaches new record high as markets celebrate Fed decision

US markets soared higher on Wednesday afternoon following the Federal Reserve’s final policy decision of the year.  
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Apple unveils new security feature to safeguard against thieves

Apple is rolling out an iPhone security update to keep thieves away from your sensitive information.  
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Analysis: There’s a big hole in China’s plan to boost the economy in 2024

China’s top officials have pledged to put greater focus on economic growth next year, but the lack of measures to boost consumer demand could make it tough to deliver on that promise.  
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FCC proposes to ban cable and satellite TV ‘junk fees’

The US government proposed a crackdown on cable companies’ billing practices Wednesday as it announced plans to ban early-termination fees and to introduce fresh rules that could lead to consumer refunds if a subscriber cancels a plan mid-month.  
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Analysis: Transition away from fossil fuels? Big Oil has other ideas

Is this the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era? The world’s latest climate deal could be that milestone. But recent events show the oil and gas industry still has a very different vision of the future.  
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Source: CNN Business

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