December 20, 2023

Markets Now 12/20

A major trend holding back Wall Street could reverse itself in 2024

Dealmaking is the bread and butter of Wall Street – but by some accounts this has been the worst year for mergers and acquisitions in about a decade. Initial public offerings have also suffered.  
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Why the Dow just tumbled about 500 points after nearly hitting a record

What. Just. Happened?  
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Hermes billionaire heir wants to bequeath fortune to his gardener

A descendant of Europe’s richest family has reportedly begun a process to adopt his middle-aged gardener, planning to leave him at least half of his roughly €12 billion ($13 billion) fortune.  
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Make of popular gift cards sued over their weak security features

nComm Financial Services, a Georgia-based company that makes many of the popular gift cards sold in stores and its partner banks are facing a lawsuit filed by San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu alleging some of their cards aren’t as secure as they can be.  
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Harvard president’s corrections do not address her most clear instances of plagiarism, including as a student in the 1990s

Harvard’s recent correction of two academic papers written by Harvard’s president did not address even clearer examples of plagiarism from earlier in Claudine Gay’s academic history at the school, according to a CNN analysis of her writings.  
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Hybrid cars in six different styles

For years, it seemed like electric cars were the hot new thing and hybrid cars were just a boring half-step. Hybrid sales barely grew while EV sales took off.  
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Source: CNN Business

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