December 29, 2023

Markets Now 12/29

Stocks went gangbusters in 2023. Here are the biggest winners and losers

Santa Claus may be running out of steam.  
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Chinese stocks are the big losers of 2023. Oil also had a bad year

There was one conspicuous no-show at this year’s global stock market party: China.  
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Elon Musk and these other 9 bosses had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2023

For some top executives, 2023 is a year they would rather forget.  
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Harvard has ‘never been weaker,’ ex-Facebook exec warns

The Harvard brand, one of the most prestigious among all universities, took nearly 400 years to build. But it’s taken just three months to call that brand very much into question.  
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Harvard faces Friday deadline to respond to House on plagiarism scandal

Harvard is due to respond by Friday to a demand from lawmakers for wide-ranging documents linked to the plagiarism controversy swirling around embattled President Claudine Gay.  
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Nordic workers took on Elon Musk in 2023. Here’s what could happen next

What began nine weeks ago with a group of mechanics in Sweden demanding that Tesla agree to collective bargaining has evolved into a broader fight for the Nordic region’s way of work and life.  
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Source: CNN Business

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