July 20, 2023

Markets Now

Kim Kardashian may be the hero the IPO market needs

Dealmaking on Wall Street has dried up, and it’s costing big banks a fortune. Kim Kardashian could fix that.  
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Fed fines Deutsche Bank $186 million and threatens further action

The US Federal Reserve hit Deutsche Bank with a $186 million fine Wednesday for failing to fix “unsafe and unsound practices” that it pledged to address as long ago as 2015.  
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Gay Water, a new canned cocktail, wants to be the anti-Bud Light

In a sea of canned cocktails, Gay Water wants to stand out.  
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Popeyes is now offering 'girl dinner.' Here's what's included

Popeyes is now selling its own version of the viral “girl dinner” trend with a variety of sides that make a meal, including mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, Cajun fries, coleslaw, biscuits and red beans with rice.  
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Broadway strike averted after deal reached by union and producers

A tentative deal was reached on Thursday between the union representing 1,500 stagehands and other backstage workers and Broadway producers, theater owners and operators to avert a strike that could have shut down shows in New York and touring shows across the country as soon Friday.  
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We can't air-condition our way out of America's heat crisis

Extreme heat in the summer has become America’s brutal new reality. But local, state and federal aid programs and infrastructure to help people cool down haven’t kept up with the country’s record-shattering temperatures.  
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