July 24, 2023

Markets Now

Europe's largest airline just sounded the alarm on travel demand

The travel industry has defied a global economic slowdown, enjoying record bookings and profits as pent-up demand following the pandemic fueled spending on air tickets and hotels. But that may be starting to change.  
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Spotify is hiking its prices

Spotify is the latest streaming service to hike its prices.  
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See NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope help find new life beyond Earth

At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a room scrubbed clean of any particles that could be sent to space, engineers are busy building the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, a next generation telescope that will help peer farther into space than ever before.  
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Trader Joe's recalls two types of cookies because they may contain rocks

Trader Joe’s announced a recall of two types of cookies, stating that they may contain a foreign material, rocks, in a statement on Friday.  
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How stock market expectations have changed this year

The stock market has stayed remarkably resilient this year, to the surprise of many on Wall Street. As the economy and market continue to hum along, some investors’ expectations for what’s to come are shifting.  
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Here's what inflation's slowdown has meant for US businesses

American businesses are expected to fare better in the coming months, according to a survey of economists and analysts released Monday.  
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Source: CNN Business

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