July 27, 2023

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The Dow sinks, snapping its longest run since 1987

The Dow slipped on Thursday, snapping a 13-day winning streak.  
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US gas prices climb to an eight-month high

Gas prices have suddenly jolted higher, as excessive heat and production caps have hurt supply.  
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Analysis: Wall Street suddenly appears confident America will avoid a recession

Cyclical stocks that tend to rise and fall with the economy are rallying, the latest sign that investors are becoming more optimistic about the possibility of a "soft landing," i.e. no recession.  
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East Palestine train derailment has now cost Norfolk Southern $1 billion

The costs to Norfolk Southern from the February derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, are now approaching $1 billion, the company reported Thursday.  
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McDonald's teases new CosMc's restaurant concept

McDonald’s is planning to test out a new restaurant idea, called “CosMc’s.”  
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Jell-O's new look emphasizes its 'jiggly goodness'

Jell-O customers will soon see a bigger logo displayed on more colorful packaging and a stronger emphasis on its “zero sugar” appeal for some its treats.  
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Source: CNN Business

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