August 4, 2023

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Tupperware may not go out of business after all

Tupperware was left for dead; a relic of a lost time when leftovers storage had but one dominant market player. So why is its stock up 47% today?  
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Mattel wants to pay you $277 an hour to play Uno

Mattel says it is conducting a nationwide job search for a “Chief Uno player.” The salary: $277 an hour.  
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How extreme heat is making your gas more expensive

This summer’s historic heatwave is making life more expensive for American drivers.  
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Global food prices bounce following collapse of Black Sea grain deal

Global food prices ticked up last month after Russia pulled out of a deal to allow the safe passage of ships carrying grain from Ukrainian ports.  
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Why this luxury hotel brand relocated its global headquarters to the UAE

Mark Willis, CEO of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, tells CNN’s Eleni Giokos why the luxury hotel brand decided to relocate its global headquarters from Paris to Dubai.  
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Two tech giants have contrasting earnings

Analyst Bob O’Donnell explains the earnings at the two tech giants.  
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Source: CNN Business

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