August 17, 2023

Markets Now

Walmart is up. Target is down. Here's why

Target and Home Depot are slumping. But more shoppers are heading to Walmart for groceries and essentials.  
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How China's economic turmoil could hurt your portfolio

China’s economy is in trouble. That’s bad news for US stocks, and potentially for your portfolio.  
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Hawaiian Electric stock plummets as lawsuits mount and talk of restructuring grows

Shares of Hawaiian Electric Industries tumbled more than 20% on Thursday following a report that the largest power provider in Hawaii could be considering restructuring as it faces an onslaught of costly lawsuits for the role it may have played in Maui’s devastating wildfires.  
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Fears of predatory land grabs mount in the ashes of Maui, opening old wounds

The threat of predatory outsiders swooping in to buy up property under the ashes of Maui is sparking outrage and opening old wounds for locals.  
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Time is running out to file claims for Facebook's $725 million data privacy settlement

Anyone in the United States who had a Facebook account in the past 16 years has roughly one week left to file for payment in a data privacy settlement case.  
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Starbucks must pay another $2.7 million to employee who said she was fired for being White

A New Jersey court ordered Starbucks to pay an additional $2.7 million to a former employee who successfully sued the company for wrongful termination, claiming she was fired for being White.  
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Source: CNN Business

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