August 21, 2023

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Is David Solomon on his way out at Goldman Sachs? The CEO whisperer weighs in

David Solomon, CEO and president of Goldman Sachs, is getting bad press — a lot of bad press.  
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'Barbie' unseated from top of the US box office

The reign of “Barbie” is over. At least at the box office, anyway.  
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Domino's Pizza will close all 142 stores in Russia

Domino’s Pizza will close all its outlets in Russia, becoming one of the first major Western fast-food chains to exit the country since McDonald’s and Starbucks left more than a year ago.  
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Alleged Russian crime boss sanctioned by Ukraine owns a major stake in US biotech firm

Weeks after Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine in early 2022, a North Carolina biotech company that has done work for the Pentagon scrambled to help civilians and soldiers wounded by the war.  
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How soaring demand for Ozempic and Wegovy is altering Denmark's economy

The dazzling success of weight-loss drugs in the United States is leading to lower interest rates in Denmark, home of one of their biggest manufacturers, according to the Nordic country’s biggest bank.  
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Adobe co-founder John Warnock, who helped invent the PDF, is dead at 82

John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe, has died aged 82, the software company announced on Sunday.  
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Source: CNN Business

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