August 25, 2023

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Jackson Hole: Fed policy collides with reality in the most unequal county in America

Central bank officials from across the world have descended upon Jackson Hole, Wyoming this week to discuss policy decisions that will shape the economy for years to come.  
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A mariner accused of raping college student loses ability to work at sea, but escapes criminal charges

In a high-profile case that rocked the commercial shipping industry, a sailor accused of raping a student from the US Merchant Marine Academy has agreed to surrender his credential to work on ships, but he will not be criminally prosecuted.  
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Heineken sells Russian business for $1 as it completes exit

Heineken has announced its departure from Russia following the sale of its business in the country for a symbolic €1 ($1).  
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Frozen vegetables sold at Food Lion and Kroger are being recalled

A brand of frozen mixed vegetables and sweet corn sold at Kroger and Food Lion is being recalled because of potential bacterial contamination.  
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Video: Has tipping gone too far?

The screens are seemingly everywhere — coffee shops, sports stadiums, online travel sites, even self-service kiosks — asking customers if they want to offer a tip and leaving shoppers confused about when to give. CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich reports.  
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UAW members approve possible strikes at GM, Ford and Stellantis

Members of the United Auto Workers union overwhelmingly approved possible strikes at the nation’s three unionized automakers next month, as the union tries to win back many of the concessions it lost more than 15 years ago and protect members during the transition to electric vehicles in the years ahead.  
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Source: CNN Business

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