August 30, 2023

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Rising labor costs are making AI stocks even more attractive

About 300 million full-time jobs across the globe could be lost (or greatly diminished) due to the recent boom in artificial intelligence, Goldman Sachs estimates.  
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It's not just crime: What's really going on with SF's shrinking retail district

In many ways, San Francisco’s downtown is in dire straits. The city’s once bustling Union Square neighborhood, once teeming with shoppers, diners, and tourists, has suffered declining foot traffic and closing stores.  
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Hundreds of flights are canceled as Hurricane Idalia disrupts air travel

Flights across Florida continue to be disrupted Wednesday as Hurricane Idalia makes landfall.  
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American Airlines flight attendants vote to authorize a strike

The latest aviation employees to vote in favor of a strike are American Airlines flight attendants.  
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'We're cooking our cities': These drones map 150-degree temperatures in urban areas

Architects Keenan Gibbons and Salvador Lindquist are using infrared drones to uncover the ways we’ve made our cities hot by design, and how we might be able to tackle this.  
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Chinese homebuilder Country Garden warns it could default after posting $7 billion loss

Country Garden warned Wednesday that it could default on its vast debts as it reported a loss of 51.5 billion yuan ($7 billion) for the first six months of the year.  
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Source: CNN Business

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