September 8, 2023

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The case for owning stocks over bonds is crumbling

The allure of owning stocks over less risky investments is at its lowest level in decades, according to one measure, despite the equity market’s race upward this year.  
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The US dollar is king again. Here's why

The US dollar is enjoying its longest winning streak in nearly nine years.  
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Norway's $1.4 trillion investment fund is shutting its China office

Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), which operates the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, has started the process of closing down its office in Shanghai, in another sign of big global companies pulling back operations in the world’s second largest economy.  
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Dating app Grindr loses nearly half its staff after trying to force a return to office

LGBTQ dating app Grindr ended its remote work policies and forced employees to relocate. Nearly half of its staff left.  
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Kroger and Albertsons sell 400 stores to Piggly Wiggly's parent company

Kroger and Albertsons are selling roughly 400 stores to Piggly Wiggly’s parent company in an attempt to win antitrust approval for the mega merger between the grocery stores.  
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Walmart cut starting pay for some new jobs

Walmart, America’s largest private employer, is paying some new hires less than it would have earlier in the year in a sign of a cooling labor market.  
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Source: CNN Business

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