October 5, 2023

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Bond investors are getting stung again this year. Here's why

The bond market is back in the doldrums after a promising start to 2023.  
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SBF's actions were 'flagrantly wrong,' former FTX employee testifies

About five months before the crypto exchange FTX imploded, its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, met with a longtime friend and coworker on the sidelines of a paddle tennis court, one of the many amenities inside the luxury Bahamian apartment complex where they both lived.  
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Nursing schools are turning away thousands of applicants during a major nursing shortage. Here's why

At a time when registered nurses are going on strike to protest staffing shortages, thousands of applicants who want to enter or advance in the profession are being turned away from nursing schools.  
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The Girl Scouts are discontinuing a cult-favorite cookie

The Girl Scouts are discontinuing a popular cookie just a year after its debut sparked a frenzy.  
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'Sushi terrorism' pranks prompt Japanese chain to turn to cartoon conveyor belts

A Japanese sushi chain targeted in a spate of pranks that has sparked concern over hygiene has devised a digital conveyor belt to serve food to customers.  
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Gas prices could fall to $3.25 by Halloween as oil plunges

After spiking to alarming levels just last week, oil prices are suddenly in free-fall mode. The dramatic reversal should bring relief to drivers (and nervous central bankers) very soon.  
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Source: CNN Business

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