October 11, 2023

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The days of rising interest rates could soon be over

Policymakers at the Federal Reserve are feeling optimistic that a rise in long-term Treasury yields could finally put an end to the past 19 months of historic interest rate hikes meant to tamp down inflation.  
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ExxonMobil agrees to buy shale rival Pioneer in $60 billion deal

ExxonMobil has agreed to buy Pioneer Natural Resources, a major shale oil producer in the deal that will more than double Exxon’s footprint in the Permian Basin in the Southwest United States.  
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LVMH shares plunge after luxury giant reveals sharp slowdown in sales growth

Shares of LVMH fell as much as 8% Wednesday after the luxury goods conglomerate said revenue growth in the third quarter was much slower than in the first half of the year.  
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Harvard student groups issued an anti-Israel statement. CEOs want them blacklisted

Billionaire hedge fund CEO Bill Ackman and several other business leaders are demanding Harvard University release the names of students whose organizations signed on to a letter blaming solely Israel for the deadly attacks by Hamas.  
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Watch: Debunking Israel-Hamas misinformation videos going viral on X - CNN Video

Misinformation about the Israel-Hamas conflict is spreading rapidly on X. CNN's Donie O'Sullivan debunks some of the viral posts.  
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Alaska Airlines has created a coffee that it says tastes better in the sky

Drinking bad coffee is just one of the many downsides of flying. Alaska Airlines thinks it has a solution.  
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Source: CNN Business

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