February 14, 2024

Markets Now February 14, 2024

Wall Street learns an important lesson. Don’t fight the Fed

Just one day after printing new all-time highs, a lackluster inflation reading sent US stocks into a nosedive on Tuesday.  
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Singles are sick of dating apps. Here’s what they’re doing instead

Many singles are tired of swiping on dating apps. They’re going old school to find romance.  
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Tinder downloads are falling but the dating app era isn’t over yet

Tinder, the app behemoth that leads the dating market, is shrinking. But virtual love isn’t a dying breed yet.  
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Shipping CEO Angela Chao, sister of former Cabinet member Elaine Chao, dies in car crash

Angela Chao, CEO of the shipping company the Foremost Group and sister of former US cabinet secretary Elaine Chao, was killed in a car crash in Texas on Sunday, according to a spokesperson for her company.  
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Delta paying $1.4 billion in profit sharing payments to employees

Delta Air Lines is paying out $1.4 billion in profit sharing, more than double what it paid employees a year ago.  
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Video: People are ditching dating apps this Valentine's Day. Here's what they're doing instead

Dating app satisfaction is down, leading more users to find creative ways to meet people. CNN’s Nathaniel Meyersohn reports on the latest trend in love.  
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Source: CNN Business

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