February 17, 2024

Markets Now February 16, 2024

Why oil prices aren’t soaring despite Middle East uncertainty

When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, the price of oil jumped to over $100 a barrel. But despite the threat of an escalation of tensions in the Middle East and attacks on Red Sea shipping, oil markets have yet to see such moves this time around.  
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Despite Japan’s economic recession, Asian stocks rise

Japan’s stock market defied gloomy economic data to rally Friday, lifting broader Asian shares and ending the week on a buoyant note.  
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Don’t look now but gas prices are rising fast

You’re not imagining it: Gasoline prices are moving swiftly higher across the country.  
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Nike layoffs: Sportswear giant is cutting 2% of its workforce

Nike will lay off about 2% of its employees, or close to 1,700 people, as the sportswear behemoth looks to cut as much as $2 billion in costs.  
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Caitlin Clark-onomics and the new era of profitability in college sports

Caitlin Clark made history Thursday as women’s college basketball’s all-time leading scorer. The Iowa star is also an economic powerhouse, putting a spotlight on the multi-million dollar earning potential of some athletes in a new era of profitability in college sports.  
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House committee issues unprecedented subpoenas to Harvard in antisemitism investigation

A congressional committee investigating campus antisemitism took the unprecedented step of issuing multiple subpoenas to Harvard University on Friday, compelling the Ivy League school to turn over documents lawmakers are seeking.  
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Source: CNN Business

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