February 27, 2024

Markets Now February 27, 2024

Macy’s is closing 150 stores

Macy’s is getting a new, smaller, but more luxurious look designed to turn around the troubled retailer and keep the century-and-a-half old brand relevant to rapidly changing demands from shoppers.  
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Trump warns the market will crash if he loses. Investors just laugh

Former President Donald Trump is once again warning the stock market is doomed unless voters return him to the White House.  
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Premarket stocks: This rally is nearly unprecedented. Can it last?

Markets have been on an incredible winning streak since late October. Just last week the S&P 500 hit a new all-time high and notched its best showing in a year. Meanwhile, the cost of borrowing has dropped to its lowest in two years, signaling a rosier economic outlook.  
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Blocking Kroger’s mega-merger with Albertsons won’t save your local grocery store

Kroger and Albertsons’ $25 billion mega-merger is in jeopardy after the Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit Monday to block the deal.  
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Meet the ‘Granolas,’ Europe’s answer to the Magnificent 7 stocks

The Magnificent 7 tech stocks have been a big part of the extraordinary US market rally. But there’s a rival group of companies powering European stocks to new heights with even better returns, by some measures.  
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Gen Z is getting married. Together with Millennials, they’re putting their own spin on weddings

Millennials and GenZers are redefining lifestyle trends – from the way we dress, live, work and socialize to how we celebrate life moments. That includes weddings.  
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Source: CNN Business

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