February 8, 2024

Markets Now February 8, 2024

Analysis: Magnificent Six? Fab Five? Some say the Seven are getting a shakeup

Is Wall Street’s favorite clique of tech stocks in need of a makeover? Some investors think so.  
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The wealthy are cutting the line at the airport, Disney World and ski resorts

Cutting in front of someone who’s been waiting patiently in line used to be unethical, bad manners, taboo. Now, businesses are letting people pay for the privilege of skipping the line.  
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Video: Oakland's rising crime is turning the once thriving city into a 'ghost town'

As violent crime continues to rise in Oakland, California, businesses are forced to close and once thriving ares are now empty. CNN’s Veronica Miracle reports.  
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Australia to allow workers to ignore unreasonable after-hours calls and messages from bosses

Australia will introduce laws giving workers the right to ignore unreasonable calls and messages from their bosses outside of work hours without penalty, with potential fines for employers that breach the rule.  
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India’s Gautam Adani rebounds from Hindenburg attack with return to the $100 billion club

One year ago, a spectacular David and Goliath battle shook corporate India when a tiny American firm took on one of the world’s richest infrastructure tycoons.  
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Zyn nicotine pouches are flying off shelves. Critics say they’re dangerous for kids

Move over vapes, Americans appear to have a new addiction: Zyn, a tobacco-free nicotine pouch product, that has exploded in sales over the past year.  
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Source: CNN Business

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