February 9, 2024

Markets Now February 9, 2024

The dollar is back. It’s not all good news

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S&P 500 closes above key 5,000 level for first time

The S&P 500 closed above the 5,000 level on Friday for the first time as bullish sentiment spreads across Wall Street and investors cheered fresh data showing progress on inflation.  
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Video: Richard Daynard beat Big Tobacco. Now he's taking aim at DraftKings

40 years ago, Richard Daynard and his colleagues at the Public Health Advocacy Institute took on – and beat – Big Tobacco. Now they’re taking on online sports gambling, an industry that’s exploded since it was legalized in 2018.  
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It’s not just Taylor Swift: Record number of private jet flights expected for this year’s Super Bowl

No one’s trip to the Super Bowl is getting more attention than Taylor Swift. Her plan to make it from a Saturday night concert in Tokyo to Vegas for Sunday’s big game depends on a private jet. But she’s not the only one who isn’t flying commercial.  
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How empty office space became the new bogeyman on Wall Street

Remote work can be amazing for employees. Less time in stuffy offices and commuting on crowded highways means more time and energy for everything else in life.  
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Why customers are fighting over a $50 cup

The Stanley 1913 brand company has expanded its signature line of humble green workaday drinkware into a limitless array of colors, prompting a rise in popularity among women and even incited screams and tears. CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich explains the cup craze.  
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