June 21, 2024

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Can I even buy a car? What to know about the massive auto dealer outage

CDK Global is ubiquitous in the auto dealership world – its software is used at 15,000 dealers. Its products handle everything from records to scheduling.  
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Trump Media shares are in free fall

Truth Social owner Trump Media & Technology Group has gone ice-cold.  
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TikTok pulls new AI tool that spouted Hitler on command, horrified experts

This isn’t how TikTok wanted its new AI launch to go. After debuting a new line of AI avatars, TikTok was hoping businesses would use them to launch new products on the platform. However, CNN’s Jon Sarlin discovered that TikTok’s new AI created unmoderated and unmarked videos, including the ability to recite an excerpt from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”  
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What’s to become of summer Fridays in the age of hybrid work?

With any luck, if your employer has instituted a Summer Fridays policy, you’ll get to knock off work early today or even take the whole day off.  
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‘You feel death at your doorstep but have no choice’: Extreme heat takes toll on outdoor workers

The skin gets flush with fever, the breaths grow short, the heart races, dizziness sets in.  
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Washington Post will not bring in Robert Winnett as its top editor after report raised ethical questions

Robert Winnett, the British journalist who was slated to take over as executive editor of The Washington Post, will no longer join the newspaper.  
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Source: CNN Business

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