June 28, 2024

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Warren Buffett has finally revealed what will happen to his money after he dies

Warren Buffett just gave an update on how his considerable fortune will be spent following his death.  
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Analysis: Donald Trump had a much better night than Joe Biden. Markets are unfazed

There’s panic in the Democrat camp after last night’s US presidential debate but markets barely blinked as investors remain focused on more pressing issues for now.  
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Drug store chains pushed out independent pharmacies. Here’s why they’re now closing too

Chain drug stores pushed out independent pharmacies. Now, the big chains are closing, hurting access to medication and essentials in many communities. This is why.  
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The Boeing saga has reached a new level of absurdity

If you’re a PR person, I can’t possibly think of a harder job to have right now than working at Boeing. It’s not just clean up in aisle six, it’s clean up the entire store, loading dock and parking lot on a daily — if not hourly — basis.  
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Uber and Lyft drivers secure $32.50 an hour minimum wage in Massachusetts

Uber Technologies and Lyft on Thursday agreed to adopt a $32.50 hourly minimum pay standard for Massachusetts drivers and pay $175 million to settle a lawsuit by the state’s attorney general alleging they improperly treated drivers as independent contractors who can legally receive lower compensation than employees.  
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What to know about the massive car dealership outage

CDK Global is still down heading into the brisk car-selling Fourth of July holiday next week. Auto dealerships use its software to manage everything from scheduling to records, and the mass outage since last week has paralyzed nearly 15,000 dealerships across North America.  
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Source: CNN Business

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