May 24, 2024

Markets Now Friday, May 24, 2024

Analysis: Wall Street is about to see its biggest trading change in years

Buying or selling a stock is about to get a lot snappier starting next Tuesday. But that doesn’t mean it’ll get smoother – and some financial firms are preparing to handle any possible bumpiness.  
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How Ace Hardware, America’s neighborhood hardware store for 100 years, is beating its big-box rivals

Mahin Barker said soccer moms have kept keep her on her toes at her store in West Lake Hills on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. They come in nearly every day and they’re keen to shop.  
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Maybe you should stay home? 4 charts break down a busy Memorial Day weekend forecast

Memorial Day weekend travel has returned to pre-pandemic levels, according to data from the FAA and travel agency AAA.  
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The dog who inspired Dogecoin has died

Kabosu, the dog that launched a thousand “doge” memes, has died, her owner announced Friday.  
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How this drone will take the place of first responders in an emergency

CNN’s Nick Watt looks at how a drone made by the company BRINC hopes to become the future of law enforcement by arriving at the scene of emergencies to render help before first responders arrive.  
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The West is tapping Russian money to arm Ukraine. Much more could follow

Money generated by Russian financial assets frozen in Europe will soon start flowing to Ukraine, giving Kyiv a boost as it struggles to counter an advance by Moscow’s troops. Now, the West is trying to turn that trickle of cash into a flood.  
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Source: CNN Business

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