May 3, 2024

Markets Now Friday, May 3, 2024

Stocks close higher after softer-than-expected jobs report fuels hopes of an earlier rate cut

US stocks soared Friday after new data showed that US job growth slowed considerably last month.  
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Analysis: Restaurants are competing for frugal diners’ dollars

Dining out these days might seem like a luxury for Americans pinched by inflation. For some restaurants, it feels like a battle to get them to spend.  
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Trump Media’s accounting firm charged with ‘massive fraud’

BF Borgers, Trump Media & Technology Group’s independent accounting firm, was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday with widespread fraud impacting more than 1,500 filings.  
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Columbia’s administrators failed crisis management 101

University presidents have to wear a lot of hats, much like a CEO.  
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The company that rebuilt Genoa bridge is offering to do the same for Baltimore

The Italian company that helped rebuild a bridge that collapsed in Genoa in 2018 says it is ready to do the same in Baltimore.  
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Rue21, a mall staple, files for bankruptcy and will close all of its stores

Rue21, a mall staple for teen apparel, is going out of business and closing all of its 540 stores within the coming weeks.  
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Source: CNN Business

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