January 16, 2024

Markets Now January 16, 2024

Spirit Airlines shares plunge after judge blocks JetBlue merger

Spirit Airlines shares tanked 47% on Tuesday after a federal judge in Boston ruled against JetBlue’s proposed $3.8 billion acquisition of the discount airline.  
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Analysis: The rich and powerful are meeting in Davos. Here’s what they’re talking about

Switzerland’s skies are ablaze with jets carrying business and political leaders, news pundits and billionaires into Davos for the World Economic Forum, an annual event where the elite hash out the most pressing issues of the year over $150 steaks and $40 martinis.  
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Goldman Sachs blows away earnings expectations

Goldman Sachs had a very good fourth quarter.  
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Boeing’s stock tumbles after report warns investigation will open ‘a whole new can of worms’

As if Boeing needed any more bad news, a scathing report from Wall Street on Tuesday cast doubt on Boeing’s ability to pass a new federal safety audit, sending its stock sinking sharply. Later Tuesday, Boeing announced an independent adviser who will lead a review of the company’s quality control.  
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Costco is testing out a new system for entering stores

Bad news if you’re mooching off of someone else’s Costco membership: The retail giant is cracking down.  
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US airlines cancel another 1200 flights Tuesday

Winter weather is continuing to disrupt air travel on Tuesday.  
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Source: CNN Business

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