January 18, 2024

Markets Now January 18, 2024

Analysis: Airline stocks are getting pummeled. Here are four reasons why

It’s been a tough month for shares of airline companies.  
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Teslas crash more than gas-powered cars. Here’s why

Hertz recently announced it was selling 20,000 electric cars out of its fleet, and replacing them with gasoline vehicles. One reason the company gave was that drivers kept crashing the cars.  
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Mortgage rates drop to lowest level since May

After moving higher the past two weeks, mortgage rates fell this week, dropping to the their lowest level since May 2023.  
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Payments to veterans begin in $6 billion 3M earplug settlement

3M has started sending payments as part of its previously announced $6 billion settlement to resolve almost 300,000 lawsuits alleging that the manufacturing company supplied faulty combat earplugs to the military that resulted in significant injuries, such as hearing loss.  
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Analyst: Spirit Airlines could be forced out of business after JetBlue deal is blocked

Spirit Airlines could end up in bankruptcy and be forced out of business because of a federal court decision to block a proposed purchase by JetBlue Airways.  
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Boeing gets some good news with Indian order for 150 737 Max jets

Boeing is getting some respite from what has been a month of terrible news.  
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Source: CNN Business

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