January 19, 2024

Markets Now January 19, 2024

Wayfair lays off 13% of its workforce weeks after telling employees to work harder

Wayfair is laying off 1,650 employees, amounting to 13% of its global workforce, as the online home goods retailer struggled to rebound following its success amid pandemic lockdowns.  
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Analysis: Stock buybacks could rebound this earnings season

American companies could start buying up more of their own shares as rising profits generate surplus cash and interest rate cuts come into view.  
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Detroit Lions ticket prices are going through the roof as rare playoff run stimulates local economy

The Lions, long one of the worst performing franchises in pro sports, are having a moment right now. And the entire Detroit economy is cashing in on the team’s success.  
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Video: Millennials say they're struggling in this 'good' economy

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota sat down with two millennial families who say they’re reconsidering what the “American Dream” really means.  
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Ford is cutting back F-150 Lightning electric truck production

Ford will shut down one of two production shifts in April at the Dearborn, Michigan, factory that builds the F-150 Lightning electric pickup. The move is part of “matching F-150 Lightning production to customer demand,” the company said Friday.  
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JetBlue and Spirit appeal court decision blocking their merger

JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines filed an appeal late Friday of the federal court ruling from earlier this week that had blocked their proposed merger on antitrust grounds.  
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Source: CNN Business

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