January 23, 2024

Markets Now January 23, 2024

Analysis: Chinese stocks have lost $6 trillion in 3 years. Here’s what you need to know

Chinese shares haven’t just had a bad start to 2024. It’s been rough going since February 2021, when they hit their most recent peak.  
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Analysis: The world is a mess and Wall Street isn’t paying attention

We’re less than a month into 2024 and markets have already soared to new heights.  
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Venmo and other payment app theft is ‘skyrocketing,’ Manhattan DA warns

Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, Zelle and other payment apps may be convenient ways to send cash with a few taps of your smartphone, but they’re a breeding grounds for theft, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg tells CNN.  
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Police arrest California woman for allegedly stealing 65 Stanley cups

Police responding to a retail theft call in a California city discovered what is likely the most 2024 thing ever: A Sacramento woman allegedly stole about five dozen Stanley cups valued at a whopping $2,500.  
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Three burning questions facing Netflix at the start of 2024

As the battle for eyeballs and ad dollars wages on in Hollywood, Netflix appears to be in a dominant position.  
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Customers have soured on self-checkout, and a new study says there’s proof

From theft to scanning errors, chains retailers are running into headaches with self-checkout after rolling out the technology aggressively over the last decade.  
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Source: CNN Business

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