January 24, 2024

Markets Now January 24, 2024

Analysis: Why over-optimistic investors may want to pump the brakes

The glass is half full on Wall Street. But should it be?  
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Microsoft is worth more than $3 trillion. It’s the second company to ever break that threshold

Microsoft became the second-ever company worth $3 trillion on Wednesday as the artificial intelligence boom sent shares of the company’s stock soaring higher.  
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Royal Mail is on the brink. Cutting letter deliveries to 3 days a week could save it

Royal Mail could ditch its near-daily deliveries of letters as the centuries-old British institution attempts to modernize its service and plug a growing hole in its finances.  
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CosMc’s first location had twice as much traffic last month than a typical McDonald’s

McDonald’s new trendy beverage-led spinoff CosMc’s is pulling in younger customers at a faster clip than a typical Mickey D’s with Big Macs and fries, according to one early traffic estimate.  
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Video: Hear recording of moment Boeing 757 loses a wheel minutes before takeoff

A Boeing 757 plane lost its nose wheel shortly before taking off at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, according to US aviation officials. This comes as Boeing faces scrutiny over an Alaska Airlines flight losing a section of the plane midair.  
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Wall Street firm hit by cyberattack that has knocked systems offline

EquiLend, a Wall Street firm that processes trillions of dollars of securities transactions a month, was hit by a cyberattack that has knocked some of its systems offline, the company said Wednesday.  
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Source: CNN Business

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