January 9, 2024

Markets Now January 9th

Analysis: Recession avoided? History says otherwise

Economic data heavily points to a soft-landing but at this stage of the cycle it typically does.  
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BlackRock cuts 3% of global staff, citing industry changes

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, will lay off about 600 employees as it seeks to reshuffle its resources in response to technological changes in the financial industry.  
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Bill Ackman, never one to back down, escalates his fight against America’s most prestigious universities

Bill Ackman, one of Wall Street’s noisiest investors, will fight ‘to the end of the earth’  
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Xi Jinping to go after ‘ants and flies’ as he intensifies his crackdown on firms

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has vowed to go after “flies and ants” as part of an intensifying anti-corruption campaign that will target industries such as finance, energy and infrastructure.  
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Boeing executives to convene all-hands safety meeting at its 737 Max factory after yet another crisis

Executives at Boeing are hosting an all-hands safety meeting with staffers on Tuesday, just days after a harrowing inflight blowout on a 737 Max 9 jet shortly after takeoff that led to a grounding of certain Boeing aircraft.  
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Big Oil CEO is concerned about potential Middle East escalation, touts record US supply

The American oil industry is on high alert for an escalation of the violence in the Middle East that disrupts the flow of oil out of the region.  
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Source: CNN Business

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