March 1, 2024

Markets Now March 1, 2024

How Trump, suddenly strapped for cash, could raise more than half a billion dollars to satisfy judgments against him

Donald Trump is facing a cash crunch as deadlines are quickly approaching to find over half a billion dollars he owes in judgments.  
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The US economy is so strong that there might not be any rate cuts in 2024

2024 was supposed to be the year consumers could start breathing again.  
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Premarket stocks: Retailers warn Wall Street to expect less shopping this year

Companies have warned for months that while American consumers have stayed resilient, they’re still feeling the pinch from a tough economic environment.  
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Why Panera is causing a stir in California politics

The minimum wage for fast food workers in California is set to increase to $20 per hour on April 1, but one curious carve-out in the new minimum wage law has ignited controversy in the state. And Panera Bread has been caught in the middle.  
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Ozempic is coming for gyms. Here’s how they’re responding

America’s gyms are adjusting their strategies as more of their members take weight loss drugs.  
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This crazy-looking plane might let us travel cross-country in half the time

Lockheed Martin has built a “quiet” supersonic plane for NASA that reduces the volume of sonic booms. They hope their design could open the door to supersonic air travel accessible to everyone.  
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Source: CNN Business

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