March 11, 2024

Markets Now March 11, 2024

Analysis: What customers are telling banks they care about in this election year

It’s been a year since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the regional banking crisis that ensued. From a bird’s-eye view, not much has changed in the intervening period.  
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Porsche unveils one of the fastest cars in the world, featuring a 1,000-horsepower ‘launch control’ button

Porsche has announced its most powerful production car ever. It’s a version of the Porsche Taycan electric car with TK motors that, together can produce more than 1,000 horsepower.  
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Gas prices have surged to four-month highs. Don’t panic

Prices at the pump are rising fast – and it’s not even spring.  
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Vinyl records are now so hot they move UK inflation

The prices of vinyl records will feed into UK inflation statistics for the first time since 1992, highlighting a surge in their popularity among British consumers driven in part by Taylor Swift.  
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Logan Paul’s Prime becomes WWE’s first-ever logo to appear on its wrestling ring mats

WWE and Logan Paul’s Prime have struck a “record-setting” deal to feature the sports drink as the first-ever brand logo to appear in the center of the wrestling mat.  
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Dartmouth basketball’s union vote is just a small part of the campus organizing wave

If you want to find the most new union members, don’t go to a Starbucks or an Amazon warehouse, despite the high profile organizing wins unions have achieved with those employers in recent years. Head to college and university campuses.  
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Source: CNN Business

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