March 12, 2024

Markets Now March 12, 2024

Boeing is in big trouble

You’d think Boeing’s already miserable 2024 couldn’t get any worse. Then a 787 plunged suddenly mid-flight Monday, injuring dozens of passengers, after a pilot said he lost control of the aircraft before recovering and landing the plane safely.  
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Analysis: The rent is too damn high. It’s keeping interest rates elevated, too

A key inflation measure printed higher than expected last month, sending markets into a tizzy and adding to fears that the Federal Reserve may not lower interest rates at all this year.  
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Boeing sales unfreeze but they’re still well below normal

Boeing reported a minor bounce back in sales in February after orders ground essentially to a halt in January following the Alaska Airlines door plug incident.  
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The ‘Sephora kid’ trend shows tweens are psyched about skincare. But their overzealous approach is raising concerns

Tweens, the consumer group that’s outgrown the little kid stage but are not yet teenagers, are obsessed with skincare. Their curiosity for all kinds of creams, gels, face masks and facial peels has even earned them a viral moniker: “Sephora kids.”  
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Gen Alpha is more interested in skincare than toys. A dermatologist explains the issue

9-year-old Ruby Hale is a “Sephora kid:” She’s obsessed with beauty influencers, skincare routines and Drunk Elephant products. One dermatologist warns that some of the most popular skincare products can permanently damage young skin.  
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Musk’s haphazard philanthropy is under scrutiny

Elon Musk is notoriously skeptical of charity, preferring to focus on his for-profit ventures, which he believes will offer more transformative change for the world.  
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Source: CNN Business

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