March 18, 2024

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The way Americans buy and sell homes is about to get turned on its head

The way Americans buy and sell homes is about to get turned on its head.  
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Analysis: How Irish business is winning in the US: It’s not all butter and cheese

In 2010, Ireland was in the middle of a Great Recession-induced meltdown that required an emergency rescue by the European Union and International Monetary Fund to the tune of about $70 billion, or about 40% of Ireland’s total economy.  
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Fabrics retailer Joann files for bankruptcy

Joann, the 81-year-old fabric and craft retailer, has filed for bankruptcy as it struggles with customers cutting back on discretionary spending.  
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Hertz CEO out following electric car ‘horror show’

Hertz is replacing its CEO for the fourth time in four years  
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Surging gas prices just hit a significant milestone

Prices at the pump are now higher year-over-year, a trend expected to continue if Russian oil facilities continue to get hit by drone attacks.  
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United CEO tries to reassure customers following multiple safety incidents

United Airlines is trying to reassure passengers after a series of incidents on its Boeing jets this year, sending out a statement to customers that safety is “at the center of everything that we do.”  
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Source: CNN Business

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