March 8, 2024

Markets Now March 8, 2024

Analysis: Why another unexpectedly hot jobs report could derail markets

Wall Street was taken aback by the US labor market’s resilience in January. Another unexpectedly hot report could shake things up again.  
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Banks are still fighting safeguards even as risks pile up

With the help of a billion-dollar cash infusion and the market-soothing arrival of former government officials, New York Community Bank has come back from the brink.  
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Ozempic or Tesla? Markets are in no doubt which is hotter

First, Novo Nordisk, the company behind Ozempic and Wegovy, outgrew its native Denmark. Now, it’s bigger than Tesla.  
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Did your chef wash their hands? Handwashing ‘lie detectors’ could find out

Americans love to eat out.  
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Boeing is shifting its employee bonus formula from finances to safety and quality

After being rocked by years of quality and safety issues, Boeing is changing the bonus formula it uses to pay more than 100,000 nonunion employees. Instead of basing most of white-collar employees’ bonuses on financial results, bonuses will now be based mostly on safety and quality metrics.  
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Congress demands MIT submit trove of documents in antisemitism probe

The Congressional committee investigating campus antisemitism sent a letter to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday seeking a wide range of documents on how the school is protecting Jewish students.  
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Source: CNN Business

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