July 1, 2024

Markets Now Monday, July 1, 2024

Boeing agrees to buy Spirit Aerosystems as part of plan to shore up safety

Boeing agreed to buy Spirit Aerosystems, one of its major suppliers and manufacturing partners, as part of its plan to overhaul the aircraft maker’s badly damaged safety reputation.  
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Thousands of homeowners are about to get slammed with higher monthly payments

ARMs can offer temporary relief for homebuyers who want to avoid paying higher mortgage rates — however, they also come with risk.  
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American Express is taking control of restaurant reservations

Trying to get a table at a buzzy new restaurant in New York or Los Angeles? You’ll have better luck if you’re an American Express cardholder and pay the requisite hundreds of dollars in fees.  
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Australia bans vapes from all stores but pharmacies in a ‘world-leading’ move to cut vaping rates

Buying a vape just got harder in Australia with the introduction of some of the world’s toughest anti-vaping laws that limit the sale of vapes with nicotine to pharmacies.  
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French election results boost stocks and the euro

French stocks and the euro rallied Monday after results from the first round of elections suggested the far right will inflict a heavy defeat on President Emmanual Macron but fall short of winning an outright majority in parliament.  
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There is no end in sight for China’s uneven economic recovery

Factory activity among China’s private firms expanded at the fastest pace in three years, a private gauge showed Monday. But an official survey of bigger business showed activity shrinking.  
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Source: CNN Business

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