July 8, 2024

Markets Now Monday, July 8, 2024

Wall Street thinks the US economy is getting back to normal. The election could change that

New data shows weakening in the US economy – Friday’s jobs report showed that unemployment ticked up to 4.1% in June. Credit card delinquencies and debt are also on the rise.  
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Investors struggle to price French assets in response to political limbo

French stocks and government bonds struggled to find direction Monday following surprise results in France’s parliamentary elections, which saw left-wing parties outperform the far right Sunday, leaving the country’s parliament facing gridlock.  
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Why McDonald’s killed this menu item

McDonald’s once poured big marketing dollars into its salads. But since 2020, greens have been off the menu. That’s because the chain has concluded that when people go to McDonald’s, they just want a Big Mac.  
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Boeing agrees to plead guilty to defrauding the FAA but escapes punishment sought by victims’ families

Boeing has agreed to plead guilty to one charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States for its role in two fatal 737 Max crashes, the Justice Department said in a court filing Sunday evening.  
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$1 billion donation makes medical school free for most students at this top university

Bloomberg Philanthropies is gifting $1 billion to make medical school free for the majority of students at Johns Hopkins University, joining other high-profile donors who have contributed to tuition-free medical schools across the country.  
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Columbia removes three deans from power for ‘very troubling’ antisemitic text messages

Columbia University announced Monday it has permanently removed three deans from their posts after finding they engaged in “very troubling” text messages that touched on antisemitic tropes.  
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Source: CNN Business

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