June 3, 2024

Markets Now Monday, June 3, 2024

NYSE says bizarre glitch that showed Berkshire Hathaway down 99.97% has been resolved

The New York Stock Exchange said Monday that a technical issue that halted trading for some major stocks and caused Berkshire Hathaway to be down 99.97% has been resolved.  
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Even high-income Americans are shopping more at discount retailers

Even after years of inflation, geopolitical chaos and recession in Europe, the US economy remains resilient. The reason for that is mostly the American consumer, with spending accounting for about 70% of gross domestic product.  
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Stocks pare losses after sliding on worries about the economy’s health

Wall Street’s wild day ended on a calmer note.  
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Indian stocks hit record highs as exit polls suggest big Modi win

Indian markets hit record highs on Monday as experts predict a resounding victory for incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi in national elections.  
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A shady financial tool from the housing-bubble era is making a comeback

America’s gummed-up housing market is a $45 trillion mess — a big old knot of economic forces smashing into a century’s worth of cultural conditioning about the value of homeownership.  
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The card game Uno has been around for 52 years. It may be more popular than ever

“Place your order.” In the time it took you to read that sentence, another deck of Uno was sold. By some measures it’s is the top-selling card or board game in the world — thanks in part to dozens of new editions published by maker Mattel each year.  
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Source: CNN Business

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