May 16, 2024

Markets Now Thursday, May 16, 2024

Walmart’s business surges as shoppers hunt for low prices

Businesses from McDonald’s to Home Depot are struggling to attract financially strapped shoppers. But Walmart is growing as consumers search for inexpensive groceries, essentials and other merchandise.  
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Two former MIT students charged with stealing $25 million of crypto in 12 seconds

Two brothers who studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were arrested on Wednesday on U.S. charges that they carried out a cutting-edge scheme to exploit the Ethereum blockchain’s integrity and steal $25 million worth of cryptocurrency.  
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Analysis: Forget the Magnificent Seven. These AI plays are red hot

Wall Street’s artificial intelligence enthusiasts are expanding their horizons.  
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The iconic Mirage in Las Vegas is closing after 34 years

The Mirage Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, and its instantly recognizable volcano, is soon shutting down after more than three decades in business.  
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As bad as you may think the economy is now, it’s nowhere near the 1970s

When new gross domestic product figures last month showed US economic growth slowed from recent gangbuster levels, many people diagnosed the economy as having a really ugly sickness: stagflation.  
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Jamie Dimon and Ray Dalio sound the alarm on soaring US government debt

The chorus of voices warning about the dangers of record US government debt is getting louder.  
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Source: CNN Businness

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