May 9, 2024

Markets Now Thursday, May 9, 2024

Investor found guilty in Trump Media insider trading case

An investor in the shell company that merged with Trump Media was found guilty on Thursday of insider trading, according to federal prosecutors.  
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Analysis: Americans are shopping less but they’re still spending on flights, hotels and Disneyland

Consumers may be fed up with high prices at the store, but they’re still willing to splurge on travel.  
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FTX customers are getting a rare good deal. Here’s why some are still angry

People who had money in FTX at the time of its collapse nearly 18 months ago got very lucky this week, as far as bankruptcy proceedings go. But some of them are still, understandably, pretty ticked off.  
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‘What the bosses are thinking.’ Baidu’s PR chief sparks PR nightmare over workplace culture

Chinese search engine giant Baidu has found itself in a public relations crisis, thanks to its own PR chief.  
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How Rupert Murdoch quietly helped Mike Johnson survive Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ouster attempt

Rupert Murdoch might not be flexing for the cameras, but he did just quietly demonstrate the power he still wields inside the Republican Party.  
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Planet Fitness will raise its $10 membership plan for the first time in 26 years

Planet Fitness, the largest gym chain in the United States, will raise its  
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Source: CNN Business

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