July 2, 2024

Markets Now Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Analysis: Investors just got an inflation wakeup call. Will they answer?

Over the past year, investors have been very vocal in their desire for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates while central bank officials have been vocal about keeping them higher-for-longer.  
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The short seller that took on Gautam Adani made surprisingly little money

When Hindenburg Research published a report into Gautam Adani’s sprawling business empire in January 2023, accusing Asia’s then richest man of fraud going back decades, the impact was immediate and explosive: about $100 billion was wiped off the value of his companies.  
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Ice cream 101: Go inside the school that teaches big name brands how to make ice cream

The Penn State Ice Cream Short Course has a 132-year history. The school describes itself as ‘cow to cone’  
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Tesla sales fall for the second straight quarter

Tesla sales fell for the second straight quarter, the first time in its history it posted a consecutive year-over-year decline in sales.  
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State Farm again is seeking huge increases in home insurance rates in California

State Farm is seeking increases of as much as 52% for some of its residential insurance rates in California, which could ramp up the financial burden for many homeowners and renters in the state’s troubled insurance market.  
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FTC unanimously moves to block $4 billion merger of mattress giants

The Federal Trade Commission unanimously voted to block mattress maker Tempur Sealy’s purchase of Mattress Firm on Tuesday.  
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Source: CNN Business

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