May 21, 2024

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Caitlin Clark just did something no athlete has done since Michael Jordan

Breakout basketball star Caitlin Clark has a new achievement that hasn’t been accolimpshed since Michael Jordan.  
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Watch: Jon Stewart lambasts conservative media for hypocrisy on ‘cancel culture’

Late Night host Jon Stewart lambasted conservative media outlets for their hypocritical stance on “cancel culture”.  
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Trump’s new trade war would cost middle-class families at least $1,700 a year, report warns

Former President Donald Trump’s trade agenda amount to a tripling-down of the trade war he waged during his first term in office.  
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Taylor Swift fans are causing a spike in European air travel, United says

Air travelers, are you ready for it? The official kickoff for summer this weekend is going to get even busier, thanks in part to Taylor Swift.  
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How Red Lobster choked on its own Endless Shrimp deal

Red Lobster’s bankruptcy report included a blow-by-blow account of its path toward financial ruin, and it was as juicy as a fresh crab leg dipped in butter and washed down with a crisp Chardonnay.  
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Learning how to use AI could boost your pay by 25%, study finds

Jobs that require artificial intelligence skills offer significantly higher wages than those that don’t, according to new research published Tuesday.  
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Source: CNN Business

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