May 7, 2024

Markets Now Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Analysis: Americans have spent their savings. Economists worry about what comes next

Americans saved quite a bit of money during the Covid-19 pandemic, about $2.1 trillion, to be exact.  
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The new Swiss Army Knife will be missing a key feature

The maker of the Swiss Army Knife is working on a new version of the classic multi-tool, which won’t have a blade.  
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Trump-appointed judges say they’ll boycott Columbia grads over university’s handling of protests

A group of 13 conservative US federal judges are vowing to not hire Columbia Law students or undergraduates because of how the school has handled pro-Palestinian demonstrations on its campus in recent weeks.  
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The alleged architect of a multibillion-dollar fraud that shook Wall Street heads to trial

In the spring of 2021, you might have heard about a small investment firm with an odd name, Archegos, that imploded practically overnight and left big Wall Street banks sweating over billions of dollars in losses.  
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Slaughterhouse cleaning company fined $649,000 for child workers

A janitorial company has been fined $649,000 after an investigation found it hired minors for dangerous jobs cleaning slaughterhouses, the United States Department of Labor said Monday.  
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Analysis: Europe risks losing its biggest oil companies to America

Two of Europe’s biggest oil companies, Shell and TotalEnergies, are considering abandoning their stock exchanges for Wall Street in a move that would deal a hammer blow to London and Paris.  
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Source: CNN Business

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