July 10, 2024

Markets Now Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Why the Fed is stressed about presidential elections

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell sent investors mixed messages on Tuesday during his semiannual monetary policy report to Congress.  
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The US economy faces a new threat

The biggest danger facing the American economy for years has been inflation.  
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Target will stop accepting this old-school form of payment

Target will stop accepting personal checks from customers starting July 15, the latest retailer to stop taking the increasingly rare form of payment and to try to make checkout less cumbersome for shoppers.  
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The fate of a single investor who nearly tanked the market is now in the hands of a New York jury

In lower Manhattan, a jury is now weighing a case against a little-known investor who made it big, lost everything, and briefly brought Wall Street to its knees.  
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Elon Musk beats $500 million severance lawsuit by fired Twitter workers

Elon Musk won dismissal of a lawsuit claiming he refused to pay at least $500 million of severance to thousands of Twitter employees he fired in mass layoffs after buying the social media company now known as X.  
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New York University settles lawsuit over antisemitism for undisclosed amount

New York University has settled a federal lawsuit with four students over antisemitism on campus for a confidential amount, the university said in a statement Tuesday.  
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Source: CNN Business

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